Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Life is too short

My whole family was saddened by a call last nite. It was a call from my 2 kids babysitter. She called to inform that her husband had just passed away after suffering from lung cancer since 7 months ago. My 2 kids are very close to both husband and wife, as they have been babysitting both of them since they are 2 months old till recently (15 years) when the husband was not feeling well after diagnosed with lung cancer.

I paused for a while and recompose myself, asking her what help can I offer. She said no need as her sisters are helping her up. Will wait for her call again as she will inform me where the husband will be resting and when will be the funeral.

Om Mi Toh Fwo.


Chipmunkrock said...

heard one of the pacesetters passed on last week.. did you know him?

C-CUBE said...

no i dont.

Carboman said...

Sorry to hear that.

After Uncle Boey's demise (heart attack while out running) last week, my distant Aunt also said bye bye (heart attack, very quick death). She was very good to me when I was a baby living in PG.

Was the babysitter's husband a smoker?

Uncle Boey's case highlights the need to wear a Runner ID tag - especially veteran runners who run alone. Will check out some samples in NYC and bring back.

Chipmunkrock said...

Carboman: hope you brought the samples back..CCC: remember i asked you about those ID tags? especially if we sometimes run alone.