Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ringgit Malaysia 2.0

Yesterday it was official. The US$ had hit the RM3.60 mark ie Malaysians need to fork out Rm3.60 to buy US$1. I blogged about it on Oct 8, and during that time it was only RM3.51

Our gomen is still in a denial state, too occupied in the UMNO election. Gomen said Malaysia is not going into a recession, sigh !!! Look at what is happening to KLSE ~ sky-rocketing down south. Small time investors will NEVER be able to recover from this, the $$$ is gone forever, gone into a black hole. Luckily I never put my $$$ in KLSE.

The domino effect had started in the US and Europe and the waves are building up into this part of the world. Malaysia will be one of them. Watch my words. Ringgit Malaysia will dip further, and if we are unlucky, it will be hitting RM3.70 in another month's time. Watch it !!!!

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