Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mizuno Wave Run 2008

Arrived at Bukit Aman carpark pretty early at about 5.30am. Early bird gets the worm, and in this case early bird get to choose where you want to park the car. Parked at the platinum slot and as usual Frank is always early and he is already there. Have a chit chat and did some morning stretching. In the next 15 to 30 mins, Lionel Lee and Loke SS showed up, and in no time by 6.30am the carpark was fully filled up.

By 6.45am we start to walk to Padang Merbok which is where the race will be started. As the start time draws nearer the place is starting to be crowded. Did some warmup runs just to heat up the engine as I believe this will be a fast race. (after yesterday simulation run) Masuk kandang at around 7.15am to wait for the race to start. Smack right somewhere about 5m from the electronic mat and starting point.

The race started on time and out we go. Sea of runners taking up both sides of the road where overtaking is restricted to a minimum but I still manage to zig-zag my way through. I was about 3m behind Frank following his pace but shortly after 5mins I lost him (guess he must be going for a sub50 finishing), and so I was running and pacing on my own. While running, greeted some runners that I know and very quickly I was crossing the highway leading towards Kenny Hills. At this juncture Siok Bee and Shih Ming was overtaking me at ease. I did pace with them for a while but I drop back as I wont be able to sustain such pace throughout the 10k.

Right after entering Kenny Hills, I bumped into Ryan Teoh and Loke SS. Greeted Ryan and asked him to "Jia You" and paced with him for a while before I take off. I was running a good pace now and then I saw Adam while taking the short climb. He was having a flu and had breathing difficulties and so I passed him too while climbing the hills. I was pretty strong at the hills and take it with ease and as I was descending I bumped in Saiful and AbuPower running together. Greeted them and take off before climbing another short hill. After this it will be downhill all the way before hitting the junction that will lead us to Tijani Condo and on our way back to the finishing.

I was running at a faster pace on the downhill and here I saw Hong and Kei Ming. Both of them was running cautiously on the downhill, maybe trying to avoid injuring their knees or race too fast in the beginning and recovering for the finishing. I was feeling good on the downhill and take the advantage to go faster. Continue to run at a steady and comfortable pace and in no time at the Tijani climb. After the climb I now bumped into Zulazlan and greeted him then moved on.

This is the usual training route and so am very familiar with the terrain of when to push and when to conserve energy. After the climb it was downhill all the way before hitting the junction where the JKR building is and all runners have to make the final climb before taking a left turn towards Tugu Negara and then to the finishing point.

At this moment, based on my timing I realised I may have a chance to go for a sub50 mins finishing but I have to push very hard for it else I will probably miss it by 1 or 2 minutes. I decided to give it a short and start pushing on the downhill but conserve some energy for the final climb which I know can be a make or break for a sub50 timing. I take on the climb steadily and was glad that I made it before taking a left turn for the the final stretch towards Tugu Negara and finishing point.

Maintain a very steady pace here and was running with a couple of younger runners as my pacer. We pushed each other with some exchanges of taking the lead until Tugu Negara when I switched on my twin turbo (now single turbo not enuf liao). Once I hit the junction/traffic lights of Jalan Parlimen, I saw Jamie and Lawrence greeting me and I came them an OK sign. With my watch showing 49mins+ and I think I still have at least 500m to finishing point. Looks like an impossible task now to achieve sub50 mins but I still give it a shot.

Ran into Padang Merbok carpark and do the zig-zag turn before crossing the finishing line. Stopped my watch and the time was 50mins 04sec. I missed by 5 sec to do a sub50 mins, so near yet so far.

Anyway I was extremely satisfied with my timing although dipping under 50mins will be a bonus. Before I start the race in my mind the target is only a sub55 mins run. I didnt know that I can sustain the pace and run faster than expected, and bringing down the time to 50mins. Overall a very good run for me and I had no complain about it. Anyway sub50 mins was not even my target and goal, only after three quarter way into the race I realised that I have a small chance of making it. And go for it I did but only to lose out by 5 secs.

Till then seeya again in the next race


Runnerz said...

You did awesome! You have shown the meaning of haste especially to the younger runners. Keep it up as we roar through Penang Bridge in 3 weeks + time.

Carboman said...

cinya! good timing wat! lau chiao still can rock. pls lead der way for us ya? after luc, gl, then comes carboman, daniel and yourself all lau chiaos!

C-CUBE said...

yes, long live the Lau Chiao aka Vet Runner aka Der VetMakers