Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Ringgit Malaysia

Our Ringgit is going down like a roller-coaster.

RM3.51 = USD1.00

The Old Man advise our new Finance Minister to peg the Ringgit again, but as usual he is too smart to listen to any advise.

I will reckon that by end of Oct, our Ringgit will go down even further to RM3.60 = USD1.00

Watch it !!!!


WSL said...

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C-CUBE said...

wsl, the distributor dont manufacture the Saucony socks anymore. but if you are interested in toe socks, i am reselling INJINJI now. it cost RM48 per pair. drop me an email at if u r interested.

WSL said...

oh shux! but i love them! Am not into toe socks la. any other recomendation for saucony equivalent sports socks? been looking at NB, nike, adidas...not very impressive.