Friday, October 24, 2008

My Race Vest

This will be my race vest from now on ~ Saucony Elite Singlet

Just tried running with it for a short run two days ago and it feels great and light on my body. Will be debuting it for a 30k run tomorrow and that will be the acid test. I dont forsee any problems with the vest in terms of chafing and it has a base layer fabric technology that wicks moisture away from the skin to keep it dry. The microfiber polyester fabric features a unique grid pattern that minimizes points of contact on the skin, maintaining airflow. Flat-seam construction that reduces chafing.

This vest is retailing at RM85.00 per piece at the moment.

Runners World Wear Tester Choice ~ May 2008

UPDATE: The vest passed its acid test with flying colors when I wore it for a 30k run today (25 Oct). No chafing and the vest dries off quickily as the sweat starts building up. Wicks away the moisture and therefore its always very light and comfy. Verdict: you gotta pay a premium for this kind of feeling.


Chipmunkrock said...

nice. is this the male version of the ones you showed me that day?

C-CUBE said...

yes, this is the Mens version that I am selling now. Have not bring in the women version yet