Saturday, March 01, 2008

I just luv the RAIN

No its not RAIN, the Korean hip-hop singer. Its this morning 30k workout that I ran under the rain, a torrential one too. It had been a long long time, if I ever remembered running under such condition.

The morning started off earlier than before ie 5am to be exact for the run. I am testing out all the things that I intended to wear, consume and carry along for KLIM08 in today's run. Will be consuming GU Gel instead of PowerGel (which I found have no effect on me). Am wearing my RBK tights for the second time and making sure I am use to it on race day, my dri-fast microfibre brief and lastly the NB coolmax socks. I am running with the Saucony Trigon5 Ride today and am still undecided whether to use it for KLIM08 or the newly Adidas Supernova Cushion 7 (from the Adidas Wear Test Program)

Our run will be Bkt Aman-Duta Junction-Bkt Aman for the first 10k and then the usual 20k Hartamas route. We have Jamie, Frank, Cheang, Loke, GL, DK , Lee and myself for this morning run. Jamie, GL and Loke will probably do the 20k while the rest will hit 30k. As we were into the 6k or 7k mark, it starts to drizzle. The rain gets heavier as we reached the carpark. GL said she is not continuing as she dos not wants to get soak under the rain, so is Cheang which is pulling out too. Jamie, Frank, DK, Lee and myself decided to continue.

Was joined by Kenny for the next 20k. I was running well under the rain, at least it was cooling and I don't mind it. Jamie and Frank will again turn back at the Duta junction to do a 20k. I continued will Kenny from here onwards while DK and Lee was slightly behind.

By now the rain had started to pour heavily as we continued to run. The road is filled with water like small streams flowing across. It can be hard to run especially with the waterlogged shoes and also for those who wear spectacles as their visibility will be affected . I was totally not affected by it as I am enjoying it. My pace was indeed increasing to become faster as I followed Kenny closely.

Reaches the Petronas kiosk and did the extra loop. Refueled and had my 2nd pack of GU Gel. Then DK and Lee arrived. After about 5mins stop we continued our way back. My body felt so cold as I started the return leg. Kenny shot off very quickily while I maintained a 6m15sec pace.

I was feeling stronger by the kilometre and I really enjoy running under the rain. Breathing and heartbeat is OK and was not feeling tired. After the 25k mark, I started to increase my pace to around 5m40sec throughout consistently until I reached the carpark. Was really surprise when my watch showed an average of 6m01sec pace for the entire run.



cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

Wow! Cool to run in the rain, literally cool!!!

That's the best time to sing these songs...

Raindrops keep falling on my head

Have you ever seen the rain?

C-CUBE said...

yes i almost wanted to sing out loud and i am enjoying it to the fullest. i wont mind if it pours that way on race day.

ah loong said...

it is my favorite to run in the rain ,
rain doesn't mean u need to be sad,
it can be happy , if u can see shining part of it...