Sunday, March 09, 2008


Der ROCKET......ROCKS!!!!

Der ROCKER......ROCKS!!!!

Thats all I can said for this 12th General Election of Malaysia. The rest I believed you can read from the newspapers and various blogs. The power of Internet and the support of bloggers had transform the way how campaigning should be done in an election. The banners, radios, TV adverts and your paper manifesto is not effective anymore. This is the new world of campaigning and you just cannot ignore it. The BN learned it the hard way underestimating blogs and the POWER OF INTERNET.

CONGRATULATIONS to both of you on your VICTORY and dont get complacent over it. Now its the time we wanna see all the promises put into actions, cinya.


Anonymous said...

The people have spoken.

C-CUBE said...

Yes der voices of der RAKYAT made CHANGE happened today.

naz runnaz said...

All people problem must be resolved.