Monday, March 10, 2008

Calcaneus ~ Heel Spurs ~ Heel bone pain

After all the election fever, now its back to running.

After my 30k LSD on a day which was hit by torrential rain on 1st March 2008, and the next day I experienced pain on the heel bone on my right leg. After surfing the web for some information on heel bone pain, I found out that I am suffering from inflammation of the calcaneus or some called it heel spurs.

I believed that too much pressure was applied on my foot that causes it. The intense training which I ran 3 consecutive 30k in 3 weeks is the key contributing factor. Maybe I am landing too hard or maybe is also the faster pace that I am running throughout the 30k distance that is putting too much pressure on my right foot.

And with 3 weeks to go before race day, I will need to have more rest and take things easier rather than continue pushing myself. So I took it very easy last week with very low mileage in the weekdays and only a 20k run on Saturday. On top of that, I am treating it with the old faithful Chinese Analegesic Liniment " Zheng Gu Shui". I have been using it eversince I started running to treat pain in muscle and bone, assists healing by promoting blood circulation and regenerating bone tissue.

On top of that I am also wearing my Nefful negative ions bandage during the night to accelerate the healing of the pain. Things are progressing well with all these self treatment without going to see a sports doctor. The pain on the heel had kind of subside and not as painful as before. I will monitor the progress of the healing and will see if I can run my last 30k LSD this coming Sat before the 2 weeks tapering period start. Else I wont be too concern about not doing it but to maintain a consistent mileage throughout the next two weeks. The strategy now is to rest well, get myself out of the woods, no pain and not carry an injury on race day.

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Paddle Pop said...

Plantar Fasciitis or Heel Spur?

Was browsing your site after recommendation from Frank. And saw your Calcaneus post.

IF the pain starts when you put pressure on your feet (e.g. after you rest/sleep) and subsides after walking a bit or after stretching, then the problem that you're having is likely Plantar Fasciitis.

Heel spur is a very commonly misused term for plantar fascia inflammation. Heel spur might or might not cause pain at all. :)

If you want to prevent heel spurs (because ppl who often has to stress their feet AND/OR ppl who has experienced several plantar fasciitis attacks may have higher chances of developing heel spurs), do consider wearing feet insoles.

You can use insoles in your everyday shoes, or your running shoes.

For more info, u can see a foot care specialist. Or see a sports doc. Or do proper stretching before and after your runs.

Cheers. Good job on the donation, this world is lacking good ppl.