Monday, March 17, 2008

490.64 Kilometers

Thats the mileage I have clocked during training for this year KL International Marathon 2008. Started off on 1 Jan (1st day of 2008) till 15 March (last Saturday) before a 2 weeks tapering period. Is that high mileage, I dont think so. Its probably just average where I believed there are runners who covered more than that in a training regime for a marathon race. Well, for me I think thats only so much time and effort that I can put in for der training. I cannot afford anything more than that given the kind of job I am in plus allocating a fair share of my time for family outings on weekends.

Now I am going out there to enjoy der race, and as usual no pressure or target on my finishing time for myself. A lot with depend on der form on race day on how well I run for the race. So feeling good and having numerous second wind during the race is indeed something I am praying hard for. On top of that, no injuries as a passenger and a clean bill of health is important. Carbo loading, well I dont really believe in it as its not my normal practise. Doesnt seems to have any impact on me, so I will just eat as normal.

Seeya all in 2 weeks time at the starting line.

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