Thursday, January 03, 2008

Der Pacemakers Network Run 2008

Der Year 2008 started with a fantastically organize get together run amongst Der Pacemakers and Friends. It was the first race for me so I also pia a bit to test how fast I can run. Overall was happy with the timing I achieved. Thats its for the race report and I am not going to write a lengthy one.

But more importantly that caught my attention was a conversation that I overheard at the medal station.


yipwt said...

wah...u can capture so many conversation at one time?

u running 30k?

C-CUBE said...

yes running GE 30k as part of training. no pressure on timing. signup for Sundown Marathon 42k, not as kuat as you doing 84k

cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

Excellent caption! very funny lah...hahaha!

GE 30k coming so fast...aiyoyo, i not enuf training, sure smell your smoke leh...

i better sign up join you guys for sundown. 42k enuf lah.

C-CUBE said...

crazytomatoman, i use GE30k as a training for long run. we can pace together. target ard 3'15".

I hv oredi signup for sundown marathon, so pls do so quick b4 the entry closes. 84k oredi CLOSED!!!!!