Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hire coaches with sports science background

Datuk Seri Azalina, You got it right and hit the bulls eye. Details click here.

We need caliber coaches that not just only have the know how ie experience and exposure in the sports but also academically qualified. The country cannot continue to just promote our retired national sportsman and perpetually became national coaches. Not that I dont agree with it but we must ensure these groups of people have to be academically qualified as well.

Mixing thoery and practical in sports are extremely important. Its like your left hand and your right hand working together. Very often, we take it for granted that a national champion or a sportmans who perform well at the international arena can automatically qualify to be come a coach. Thats not true.

Next we may want to do a quick survey and analysis on our current breed of coaches. How many of them are academically qualified as well in the area that they are in ie have a sports science background. If not then the only way for them to become a national coach is to enrol into the education. There is not short cut to success, Malaysia wake up!!!!

Just like becoming a manager of a football team in any of the international football league, be it EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, blah blah blah. One can be the greatest footballer on earth during his prime days but he had to get a license before managing a team. Simple as that.

Since I am touching on this, I am also having doubts about our govt ministries. How many of our Ministers and politicians are highly qualified. When I said that I dont mean they just have diplomas and normal degrees. This type of qualification, any Ah Lee, Ah Kow, Ah Mei and Ah Hoon on the streets have it. What I am referring to are qualifications from the likes of the elites like Oxford, Cambridge, MIT, Stanford Business School, blah blah blah. If we are not then we are in serious trouble having a bunch of YOU KNOW WHAT managing important tasks for the country.

Lets move the bar higher be it in sports or politics. We cannot have someone who are not academically qualified to do the job, FULL STOP. Else we are just a bunch of Good For Nothing trying to think we can hack it.


CP Waterman said...

Last I gathered someone who failed his statistic in school and had to opt for Islamic study has now become our "Tai Koh" the Prime Minister!

It I may add, a good coach or a good political leader must also be a good ORGANISER using only the best to produce the best result for the sport team or for the nation.

Well one may fail statistic and still lead the country but make sure one employs the best cabinet to move the nation foreward & not backward!CINYA

C-CUBE said...

Well, well well. In my current job with my organisation, I am always trained to hire people that are smarter than myself to get the job done. never be ashame when you staff is more efficient and intelligent than yourself. But that doesnt look like that in the current political scene in Malaysia.