Sunday, January 20, 2008

Wat a mess up to GE30k

You know hor, I am not blaming anything but der buildup to der GE30k race day was one hella of a mess.

First hor it was 2 days before der race that I step into der TNS pothole in my morning run and hurt my left ankle a bit. Then on race day hor, as I was walking towards der starting point, I wanted to do short call and decided a small detour to wee wee at a nearby bush. Tell you hor, I step into a patch of grass that is fill with water. Next thing hor I knew was my shoes and socks are soak. Have to take out my socks and squeeze all der water out. TNS. With der wet socks I do forsee having some problem with der friction. True enuf, both my feet started to get blisters at my arch area. So have to run with der burden of der blisters and pain from 10k onwards until finishing.

Some more hor at der 10k mark, I realized that my GPS kok was not set correctly to record my pace, timing and distance (after checking it at home after der race, its was me who didnt set it and not those kiddos who mess it up). TNS again. Another TNS is der pain at my ankle started to act up at around 25k-26k. I had to slow down my pace (even slower than talk kok pace) just as not to aggravate it further as der pain can be unbearable at times. Der Sloan which I applied before der race (recommended by Chen) helps to numb der pain until 25k.

Today hor, this is my first run of der year that touches 30k. No complain lah with der time of 3.01.13 as my goal was to finish around 3.10. Treat it as part of my LSD towards KLIM08 lor. Anyway this 30k race had given me an indicator where my fitness, endurance and stamina level are at der moment. My gut feel hor is that I need to increase my mileage as my training progresses towards the race day of KLIM08 on 30 March 2008.

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