Monday, January 21, 2008


It was declared by Yang Berhormat ABB that Thaipusam will be a holiday in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya. A very well positioned requested by MIC or izit the act of HINDRAF that garnered such decision. Its "Pancing Undi" time now, so whatever you request, the chances of getting it is extremely high. You will start to see shitty roads full of potholes being paved with new tarmac, all the TNS lamp post which are faulty are now been repaired, and the list goes on.

And now for MCA to do something for the Chinese community, does Ong Ka Ting (OKT) got the outright kok to walk up to ABB and ask him to lift the ban of fire-crackers during the 15 days of Chinese New Year. Mr OKT, if you do that then I must said that you have put the Chinese community one up in terms of the Government respecting the celebrations of various ethnic cultures. At least make it legal, besides the celebration being more lively, the government will make some extra revenue for collecting taxes on these fireworks and firecrackers. OKT, dare to take this bold steps or not...huh huh huh!!!!!

Even if he is not successful and dont have the kok to do it, you will still see the Chinese community happily burning fire crackers away. So wats the difference. Moreover the burning of firecrackers are not just limited to the Chinaman celebrations anymore. In Malaysia nowadays, the burning of fireworks and firecrackers are also done when the Muslim are celebrating Hari Raya Adil Fitri, when the Indians are celebrating Deepavali and the Christians celebrating Christmas. Such activities have been accepted by respective ethnic groups although burning of firecrackers have always been associated with the Chinese communities.

OKT, are you kok enuf to make this bold request....huh huh huh!!!!


CP Waterman said...

Wah you're so hot ah must be the heat residue from yesterday 30km run. Cool down my friend.hehe

What we see today these appaling conditions of our country are just the symptoms of a deadly root cause - an administrative system that had gotten off on the wrong footing right from the start back in the 60's during our MCA 'Tai kor' Tan Siew Sin's watch.

It was argued that then the Chinese were holding the lion share of the nation's economy, the Malays were suffering from grave poverty so NEP (race remedy) was introduced in the hope to to balance this unequal wealth distribution.

The truth is most people were poor irrespective of races then. Perhaps one had the wrong perception that since a lot of Chinese businessmen were indeed rich in the cities, all the other Chinese must therefore also be rich. My dad's family with 8 kids was so poor in the village (mom a rubber tapper, dad a grass cutter) and there were others poorer than us!!!!

A far more effective wealth distributing measure would have been a strong fiscal policy in taxing the rich. This was where our MCA's'SS Tan' the Finance minister then had failed us all Malaysians in the long run. He was among the richest in the country so obviously the tax remedy was discarded & the racial NEP was supported & hailed in.

As a consequence, our Malay friends today are being labelled all over the world as an inferior race living like social parasites. The truth is we all know Malays are some of the best friends we can find, simple,hospitable & talented in every where. Its a crying shame to gain such a name!

Until & unless NEP is replaced by some combination of both fiscal & monetary "medication", I doubt the situation is going to improve in terms of economy & racial relation. In fact, quite the opposite, its like a time bomb ticking away, not knowing when its going to blow....

So may God help Malaysia!

Meanwhile, continue your good build up to a great race in KLIM. I agree with you that a couple more of the LSD 30+ before the race will work magic.

Take care.Cinya!

C-CUBE said...

waterman, no lah i am not hot. just wanna know if that dude have the guts to speak out. i wish he had it in him.

Anonymous said...

I like it when you talk politics. :) Thanks for yelling out to me yesterday.

C-CUBE said...

Haza, thank you. Well just to spice up the current scenario. GE is around the corner (hopefully those rumors are true) So must put some hype into it, otherwise too much blogging on the topic of running is very boring. Lets add some fun into it, at least while running there are some topics of interest to talk.

I noticed there are some runners that are way too serious focusing on their run and their face is like wanna eat you up. I dont want to be seen that way.

lifemou said...

I am kok sure Chua Soi Lek got Kok, not sure OKT got KOK not,,, so dont put so much hope in it,,,,,

yipwt said...

aaa....i so want to play fire crackers...those were the times...

We blew things's just thrilling.

But now...the police will visit you if you do so...uhuhuh...

C-CUBE said...

Yip, aiyah. Ban or no ban, there will be ppl burning the firecrackers. It will be either smuggling or corruption at entry point to bring those firecrackers into the country. This is where the shortcomings of respective ministries (you know which one) that causes the downfall of competitiveness in the country.

The respective ppl within the dept just couldn't care less as long as their well beings are taken care of, cinya!!!!

MALAYSIA are always reactive to things, and we never learn. Our north & south neighbours will be having the last laugh at us.....wat a laughing stock, cinya!!!!