Saturday, January 12, 2008


Did my longest run ever since the year started. Today's run is to gauge how well can I run in next week GE30k race. Easy 6min talk kok pace (as what der PM vocab says) But I will not be too ambitious with time as I will take it as a long run towards the buildup to KLIM08.

From now on my base LSD will be 25k onwards and the route will be LG-Hartamas-LG (one loop around Petronas). Then it will be the Carcosa route where it leads to the Deer Park, National Mosque, Islamic Museum and back to the Bkt Aman carpark. If I want to do a 30k then another loop around the Carcosa route. I concured with Carboman that this route is so much better than looping around the Hartamas area which is too dusty,noisy and full of lorries.

Happy training and seeya around. Say "HI" when you meet another runner on the road. Lets put more fun into running and not get too serious about it.

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