Saturday, April 15, 2006

Thumbs Down

What a disgrace!!!. The Malaysia hockey team are at it again. After losing 0-1 to Japan, they lost again yesterday to the Koreans with a scoreline of 1-3. And there are 3 more games to go playing China, France and New Zealand and as usual our officials are hoping to win it. (You think these 3 teams are easy meat, no way Jose) Just bcos we won a bronze medal in the Melbourne Commonwealth Games 2006, the respective officials cheated themselves thinking highly about the team and was hoping to get a semi-final berth and automatically gain entry into the World Cup proper. Hard luck, man. For Malaysia sake, please stop embarrassing the country. The Sport Ministry shud know better. And please DO NOT waste all the tax payers money by sending these bunch of jokers out there thinking highly of themselves but actually the team is just a bunch of rookies compare to the other nations. As usual we do not do our homework, and please dont blame on others who spy at the team during training.

Anyway I wont lose sleep over this bcos I will never have any faith at all especially to our hockey, football and sepak takraw team. Just a bunch of jokers embarrassing themselves year in year out.

Have a good weekend and

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