Sunday, April 02, 2006

Cheng Beng - The Festival of Tombs

last week, Cheng Beng was observed by Chinese communities all over the world. And is no diiference for the Chinese in Malaysia. Also known as Cheng Beng or Qing Ming or Chinese All Souls Day, which falls on April 5 every year except on leap years when it falls on April 4.

During this period, the Chinese community will be busy making preparation to visit graves of deceased family members and ancestors to pay their respects. It can be done 10 days before and after the actual date of Cheng Beng. Graves are weeded and cleaned, joss-paper is burnt, and offerings are made.

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And it is no difference for me as I will be making my way back to Ipoh today and offer prayers to my dad who passed away. Today also happens to be my dad's 7th Death Anniversary. My family together with my mum will be visiting the temple since my father was cremated and his ashes are at the temple instead of a grave at the burial ground.

This doesnt stops here as I have to visit my grandparents graves in KL next week. This is a trandition brought down during my dad's era although I have not even meet them before. This will be a once a year family weekend outing where the kiddos will enjoy themselves helping to clean the graves and trim the long lallangs and weeds around the graves.

So it will be a back-to-back weekend for me visiting the temple and grave during the Cheng Beng period.


Scorcorn9 said...

r u fr Ipoh too? Nice to meet u as i still new to the blog. Keep in touch

C-CUBE said...

yes i am from Ipoh. nice to meet u too
looking at your blog, you are a runner as well and have plans to climb mt kinabalu. anyway i am doing my 5th climb this coming May 4-7, 2006. interested to join? bcos coincincidentally there are a few ppl that pull out last minute, so have to try and fill up the place again otherwise i have to do the cancellation. let me know if you are game for it on such short notice.