Monday, April 03, 2006

Driving ethics

Majority of Malaysian drivers on the road have a lot to learn when it comes to driving ethics. The bad habits were clearly outlined this evening when I was on my way back from the north to KL after Cheng Beng. The N-S Highway was very heavy with traffic and as I reached Slim River the crawl started. The traffic was bump-to-bump moving slowly and at times there is a standstill for a while. This condition was a common sight all the way till Lembah Beringin when the traffic ease of a little bit. And as usual you will find all those impatient and inconsiderate drivers cutting into the emergency lane overtaking everyone dangerously and travelling at high speed too. I was praying very hard that these IDxxT drivers will bump into the police having a road block for these Q jumpers. And true enuf there are 2 blocks that were setup (about 5km apart) by the police to nab these inconsiderate drivers. When these Q jumpers are stopped, everyone that was driving on the 2 lanes sounded their horns giving the police the thumbs up by putting up these blocks (and hopefully issue the summon) This sums up very well that in general, there are still a majority of Malaysians that do not care for anything when driving on the highway. They just have themselves in mind. No wonder we still have high accidents rates.

Note: For today, I will have to give the thumbs up to the police in doing the right thing knowing very well the traffic along the N-S Highway will be extremely heavy. And setting up the roadblocks along the emergency lane will definitely teach those IDXXT a lesson.


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