Monday, April 10, 2006

188 Hugh Low Street, Ipoh, Perak

This is the address I belong to, born and breed, brought up along the streets of Ipoh (new town) for 25 years before my migration to Kuala Lumpur for a greener pasture. The address is located at a pre-World War II building built in the year 1931. My grandma use to operate a coffee shop in this building during the good old days, and our family stay upstairs the shophouse. My grandma specialties are charcoal toasted crispy bread (the thick hainan white bread) and spread with home-made kaya. Tau Foo Fah is another specialty, and we have chilled and hot offerings. So I grew up with these two delicious specialties of my gradma and therefore I have very high threshold when comparing those available in the country. Most of them cant even come near to what I used to consume. Free flow of cigarettes bcos in those days cigarettes are also sold by per stick. (I am not reviewing whether I smoke at a very young age!!!)

My dad was a goldsmith and my mum works as a tailor operating her small business in the same premise. I came from a low income family and my parents are too busy working, worrying about the end of month expenses year in year out. No one bothers on what I do when I was growing up. So with such freedom I would said that I roam around freely painting the town red at times. Cycling was my means of transport and that limits me in reaching places that are further away from town. Until I got my motorbike license and a motorbike (Yes, I can ride a motorbike with a license to ride motorbikes that are 500cc and below) my adventures started to get further away from town to places like Kampar, Lumut, Taiping and the costal town within Perak.

Hugh Low Street in Ipoh are full of activities since this is the main road that connects the New Town and Old Town of Ipoh, and is divided by the Kinta river that cut aross the city. Any festival possessions will definitely run thru this road and to me this is like The Strip of Las Vegas. Being one of the busiest street, accident rate are also very high. So I do witnessed some very high impact accidents that are quite growse like victims lying on the road motionless. Rows of shops can be found along Hugh Low Street operating their business ie shoes shop, coffee shops, optical shops, garment shops, goldsmith shops, bicycle shops, biscuit shops, book shops etc. You name it Hugh Low Street have it.

So going back to Ipoh will always bring back good old memories to me and I will make it a point to at least go back to the places of interest where I used to frequent during my childhood days.

Ipoh - The land of tin mines
Ipoh - The land of leng luis
Ipoh - The land of nga choy khai
Ipoh - The land of pomelos
Ipoh - The land of limestone caves

Ipoh mali, tadah sombong punya!!!!!


Scorcorn9 said...

Way to go. Memo of the past. It seems in those days roaming around without much worry of crime that is y our parents do not worry much where u go. U lucky as u hv a bicycle but we hv just #11 bus. But now ipoh hv lost two medals - tine mines and lang-lui

C-CUBE said...

Tin Mines is there but no Tin.
Leng Luis, scattered all over MY now.

Chipmunkrock said...

i just got back from Ipoh today! (Wednesday). Incidentally my grandparents house on Greenhill Drive is now a bar :( will blog about it but as you now i am having problems with my blog...

CyberPartyGal said...

You lived there from what year to what year?