Monday, April 24, 2006

The bug is gone

Finally the bug is GONE. It was almost one month since I am suffering from this persistent cough, and the whole throat and lungs area feel very congested, full of phlegm. Have gone to visit the doctor twice during that period and cannot imagined the amount of medication that I have taken. Well, I hope it doesnt come back and strike me again.

I was feeling better towards the last two weeks but just that the cough doesnt goes away completely. Yesterday the cough sort of gone completely and I am not taking any chances yet to start eating those fried kuey teow (which is my favorite), curry laksa, and all sorts of spicy food. Need to make sure its gone completely bcos in about 2 weeks time I will be going for my fifth climb in Mt Kinabalu. I am making sure that I done get sick when I am there.

After the climb, I will probably be back in full force in my running regime. Have committed to give the Penang Bridge International Marathon - 42KM a shot. I will have 3 full months to train and to me this is a big commitment on my end, to others it is SUP SUP WATER!!!!. Along my training program, I will have the Pacesetters 15KM run on 21 May and the PJ Half Marathon on 18 June.

This week will be an extremely busy week for me.



Carboman said...

i kena the same thing. doc said it was a sinus infection. green and foul tasting mucus. body sluggish and sore all over. damn!

C-CUBE said...

yeah, just bring ur fitness down. luckily i am recovered now and getting ready for my mt kinabalu climb.