Monday, April 17, 2006

Semi passive mode

Still have not fully recovered. The nasty bug is still with me. The cough is slowly subsiding. Did a slow 8km run on last Saturday to gain back some momentum (have not been running regularly for almost 2 weeks). N drove back to Ipoh in the afternoon to send my mum back since she was in town staying with me for the past 2 weeks. Lazed around doing nothing much except for a shopping trip. Got myself a pair of glove in preparation for my Mt Kinabalu trip on May 4-7, 2006. While in Ipoh on Saturday, got a SMS from my running buddy "Tomorrow got energy to do a 11km double hill run?" Guessed he is itching to do some running again after our break since KLIM 2006. Hey buddy, "R U game for the Penang Bridge International Marathon - 42km"

Not much training that I put in for this trip except running. Just wanted to test out this training regime on whether it is sufficient to reach the summit, else I will be the sweeper this time. A friend of mine just came back from the climb about two weeks ago and he said the weather is beautiful with a good view of sunrise, and he is climbling with me again for this trip. N he is bringing along his 16 years old son with him. Hope we can get the good weather too.

Carboman, Cheong, CS and Newton:
You guys must plan a trip for Mt Kinabalu and get to the summit.
Its a whole new experience !!!


lifemou said...

dear hor fun and pomelo man...contemplating vry vry hard for d penang bridge run...trying to find an anthem...or a goal or something so that the training regime can kick in...the last one is SMBFA...and did sub4...this time? still couldn't think of one...

C-CUBE said...

so ezy lah, no need to think one

SMBFA returns:
the BLACK SKIN lady, here I come.
(think of her as the villain)

Even there is SUPERMAN-Returns 2006

Carboman said...

Sudah ke anda menulis cerita2 dahsyat anda untuk laman web saya? Terima kasih!

How about SMBFAA ie SMBFAAgain? OK bo?

C-CUBE said...

carboman, belum habis lagi, akan siapkan dlm satu dua hari, sila sabar sikit, ribuan terima kasih !!!

lifemou said...

carboman...U ASK FOR IT...U ASK FOR IT man!!!!'s SMFAAgain then...this one is going to come with Lorong Selamat char kwai teow + penang road laksa odor!!!! SEE U IN PENANG!!!!

C-CUBE said...

hahaha tats good, let both the young man contest it out and may the better runner cross the finish line 1st.