Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Down with a nasty BUG

Down with a sore throat (ulcers), bodyache and a slight cough. I am experiencing a mild fever too. Legs aching and feel very lemah. Goosh, its been a while since I have contracted ulcers in the throat. And therefore didnt even bother to put on my rubber trainers over the weekend. Feeling shitty this morning, have to drag myself up the bed and when most people that I knew are on PTO bcos Tuesday is a horiday. Have to come back to office for a sales forecast meeting. Nos not coming in for the Q !!!!


lifemou said...

so cham ah?...mr...ahem interim channel man...plz get well soon.

C-CUBE said...

yalah vely cham man, wearing 3 hats now - Advance Tech biz, Country Sales Ops and interim Channel man. summore get sick!!!

Carboman said...

bounce back soon! them bugs are pretty difficult to get rid off