Saturday, December 31, 2005

Photos that touched our hearts

These are some photos that I have gathered (which my friends sent to me) throughout 2005 and I thot this will be a good time to share it with everyone. Everytime I look at the pics, it will made me reflect the past, thinking of where I came from and also tell myself how lucky I am.

Photo 1: Together, through Warm and Cold

(Photographer: An Hejie. Market Place, Town of Chifeng, Inner Mongolia)
Beyond the northern (Inner Mongoli) frontier, spring has arrived but the
cold weather lingered on. Snow fell on this April morning. Flakes danced
in the sky. A middle-aged man tended to his cart, on which sat a little

boy, wrapped up with blanket used to keep the vegetables from freezing.
From time to time, the father would tuck at the blanket to make sure that
his son was all right. These are the words from the photographer: "Set in
the dark and shadowy background and the dancing snow flakes, the pink

puffy face of the little boy stood out in great contrast to that of the
father which was apparently shaped by the caprices of life. And life was
indeed harsh. Father and son only have each other for support. When the
father yelled out a sales pitch on top of his voice, his facial expression
was shockingly touching. One cannot help but be moved."

Photo 2: Love

The father and his son live in an impoverished hilly area. They demand
nothing but a piece of land to call their own. Perhaps they will not have
a chance to see the outside world all their lives -- they will not know
what a staircase is, they will never ride in a taxi, nor will they ever

step into a movie theater. But the truth is these are the people who offer
us everything our lives depend on, generation after generation. The heaven
and earth have nothing to repay them. Love them! At least respect them in
your heart. Otherwise how can we possibly talk about ourselves as human beings?

Photo 3: Grandpa's Tears

Caption on the photo: The day, we found that we are able to attend school. We are so happy. But grandpa cried. Do you understand? The tears of an elderly man......) This semester has been dealt with, what about the next?

Photo 4: Amidst Rain and Wind

Your elderly mother and little children are waiting for you to come home
with the day's wages.

Photo 5: Old Man CryingThe old man sells roast yam for a living. Because he doesn't have a
license, his tools were confiscated and his tricycle was smashed, its
chain cut. All the old man can do is to sit there and cry. Tomorrow.

Photo 6 : Living in a blind spot
We must admit that there are people still living within the blind spot of our society. What if you were one of them?

Photo 7 : What is Love?

No rose, no diamond ring, but if this is not love, what is love?
With enthusiasm, love your life! Love the people around you!

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