Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Back to running & aiming for 42.195KM

Today was a fantastic day, clear sky with sunshine and I have decided to resume my weekly run after a 3 week break. Reached Lembah Kiara TTDI park and I was surprised that there were heaps of people (young & old, season & casual runners) in the park. I could not get a parking inside (which is extremely unusual) and have to actually drive out and park by the roadside along the houses. What happened, I talked to myself. Is it the school holidays or is it a beautiful day. Took it very easy today, just in case I strain myself and get injured. Legs and body are so so bloody heavy and practically I have to use more energy to pull myself along. Did 5km and thats it for the day. Just cannot imagine that one fitness can detoriate so fast after a 3 week break. Professionals had said that it takes at least two weeks to get back your fitness and form if you break for 1 week. For me, aiyoh and it will be in 6 weeks and hopefully I am ready for the Pacesetters 20Km run on Jan 22, 2006. And then KLIM 21Km in 6 March 2006, maybe the full marathon....he.he.he.....if body permits. Let see how it goes. Maybe I will get myself a tatoo (42.195KM) if I do a full marathon this year. This is what my buddy LIFEMOU did after completing his maiden Zingapore Marathon 2005. Where will the tatoo be, cannot reveal it now. Suggestions are welcome!!!!!


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