Monday, December 05, 2005

I AM BACK !!!!

I am back from my NZ holidays. Lots of unpacking and cleaning up to do. Back to normal life that is gotta go back to work. I would say the break is good personally for myself and family, and also to end the year. Looking forward to next year holiday, but no plans yet of which destination. Maybe to a place that is very cold during winter time.

Anyway will start to focus back on my running, after the intake of large amount of food during my holidays and got to get back in shape for next year races. If my body is willing will attempt at least one full marathon. Let see how it goes. And not forgetting the Charity Climb at Mt. Kinabalu in May 2006. Gotta start campaigning for donations now. SHOW ME THE MONEY, YAH !!!!

Cheers.... and doing the Chicken Little dance routine. KING KONG here I Come.

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