Thursday, December 08, 2005

Marathon Cramps

Do you get cramps after reaching the 30KM mark, 35KM mark or 40KM mark. I believed many of us do. I am one of them that is very prone to cramps during my younger days when I am running marathons after marathons. According to professional sport doctors, Marathon Cramping can be from many reasons. One of the MAIN key reasons is inadequate training ie low mileage, and practically not enuf long runs during your training for the marathon.

The other key reason of cramps during a marathon are often the result of sodium depletion. Again according to professional sport doctors, anyone exercising in excess of three hours is at risk for running low on sodium, and the result can range from muscle cramping to more serious problems. One way to prevent cramps from happening is to use more table salt leading up to any runs over three hours, use beverages with electrolytes (like sport drinks) to rehydrate during races. While salt will not guarantee a sub-four-hour finishing time, it is a very good insurance against muscle cramps.

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Note: The American Running Association's Editorial Board Member, Randy Eichner, M.D. suggests carrying a salty snack like pretzels to eat about every half-hour during a race.

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