Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Fish Philosophy

Over the Christmas weekend, I dug up this book and read it once again. I have read this book a couple of times, but everytime I read it, the contents give me new meaning and made me strive harder to do whatever things I am working on. There are 4 key principles to the FISH Philosophy (not in any order) which are as follow:

1) Be There
2) Choose Your Attitude
3) Play
4) Make Their Day

Read more about the 4 principles, Click Here

These principles gives people a common language that inspires new conversations about what’s possible. New attitudes develop. Performance improves. Customers notice. Trust increases. FISH! gets into the hearts and minds of everyone at work, at play, at sports event, and anyway we are at, empowering all to be alive and engaged.

I love this easy reading booking, and in fact this is the right time of the year when we are approaching towards the end of 2005 and welcoming 2006. This is the time we set our goals and resolutions for the new year. We need to look back, correct it and move forward.


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