Sunday, January 11, 2009

So Long, Farewell.....

Well its time to say GOODBYE. A wish to greet all the best and see you again soon. This was what happened last Friday on 9 Jan 2009 when the group had a farewell dinner for Geraldine Low who will be migrating (with her family) to another part of the world before CNY. We (Jamie, Lawrence, Frank, Lynn, Luc, Loke and myself) had our dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen @ KLCC for a get together as a group together with GL.

No running this time but just a small function to catch up but runners being runners, and after a while the conversation swing to a running mode. Anyway all of us had some good food but the downside was the pizza oven broke down at the restaurant, so all of us have to settle for pasta instead. Food was good although it was on the heavy side. I wonder if we had pizza, what will we end up !!!! Will try to come back again as the pizza menu looks interesting and there are 2 vegetarian selections as well which I didnt get to try out.

To cut the story short, the group had chipped in to buy a farewll gift for GL and its non other than a bubblegum colored Oakley. I would said its a very stylo-milo kind of sport shade and it looks good on GL. A good choice of selection from Jamie and Frank. In return each one of us also got a surprise gift from GL plus a THANK YOU card. So nice of her.

For me personally, I think I have known GL for around 2 to 2.5 years. It was actually through one of our running friends
KC Leong who was asking me if my Saturday group (who runs at Lake Gardens) mind to have a lady runner joining us for our morning runs. At that time my group is a fairly small group consisting of Eugene Lee (who had since move his base to Singapore), Brader Ben (kind of semi retirement and most of the time FFK on us, and now focussing in building his biz empire) and Wong Sifu (who is kind of retire from running). I told KC why not and no problem having a lady runner as an addition but we found out she is no easy meat when it comes to running. She will just burn the tarmac and speed off like a hare leaving us chasing. And that is her running characteristics till today. A real good pacer if you can maintain the kind of speed she runs. Hehehe !!!!

And finally to end this posting, I wish you & your family all the best and see you again. Maybe you can be our host when we go over there to run a marathon in the near future.

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