Sunday, January 18, 2009

Great Eastern 30K run

The weekend started of with a lot of activities prior to race day. On the very first thing on Saturday morning it was picking up the race bib from Frank who collected it on behalf of me. Kamsiah a lot. Next was to deliver a pair of shoe to a customer waiting for me around the town area. And then proceeding to do a reckee at Zoo Negara (after picking up RWM) with Der Pacemakers Organising Committee. And this take up the first part of the day and my feeling to race day is feeling good. Very relax and not much worries about my mild knee injury although it hurt at times. Then is resting for the rest of the day before going out to do some new year shopping and followed by dinner. Back home and more rest before the day ends.

Sunday, and its race day. Started the day early. Do the usual morning business, had breakfast and drive to Lake Gardens hoping that i am early to get a parking spot. Arrived at Bukit Aman carpark and its oredi filled with runners and car parked at the respective lots. Managed to find one near to our usual Platinum Club parking lot. Once settled down, starting changing to my running attire (its not a free show, so dont worry). Next is to fuel up my body with a pack of Weider IN Power jelly drink . This will probably able to help sustain my energy level till the 20k mark ~ oredi proven during Penang Marathon. Then its gliding time, I mean oiled my body at areas sensitive to chafing and its non other than Body Glide. Stretching was the next thing to do before completing the entire routine prior to the race.

Then together with Lawrence followed by Frank, Chee Kong, Lynn, Chin Chin and their Penang gang, we walked towards the starting point which is located at Tapak A, Lake Gardens. As usual we see runners all over the place, some that we know personally and some new faces. Thin ones, fat ones, fair ones, dark ones, sexy ones, talkative ones, quiet ones, shy shy ones etc, etc you name it, the race have it !!!! Everyone mingled around and soon I have lost sight of Lawrence because I am suppose to follow his buntut or tailgate him in this race (as he will be a good pacer in view of my mild knee injury)

Soon all the runners were requested to be at the starting point as the race will be starting in 5 mins time. I am feeling very very relax and good at that moment. No kancheong-ness feeling. Only have an urge to go toilet and quickly got it done. As I came out from the mobile toilet I heard a BANG and the race got started. I was right at the end of the pack together with Abu Power

And now my style of writing will change mode to Der Pacemakers style. Wat a way to start the 1st race report in that way.

To be continued.........

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CP Waterman said...

Wah quick, kenot wait to read the 2nd report liao. I can imagine sure got a lot of pia & sayur & cinya kancheong stuff wan!
Thanks & keep them coming...