Friday, January 16, 2009


Its the time of the year that firecrackers are let off especially in China and all countries throughout the world that celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year. In Malaysia there is no exceptions that the new year is also celebrated in a large scale by the Chinese Malaysians. Everyone will be busy preparing for the festive season and looking forward to go back to their respective hometown (for those who have migrated to the city to work)

But one thing for sure, burning of firecrackers are totally ban in Malaysia by the gomen. The reason given was that its not safe endangering the possibility of burnt casualties and causing disaster like fires. Although the ban was in place, every year we still get to experience those celebrating the festive season letting out firecrackers especially on the first day of the lunar year, the eighth day of the lunar new year (an important and auspicious day for the Hokkiens) and Chap Goh Mei, the fifteen day of the lunar new year.

If there was ban, why are we still having situation where people can get hold of these firecrackers. Yes you knew the answer - SMUGGLING !!!!. And we heard news reports that these smugglers are raided and how much of firecrackers are recovered. So my next question is what happened to all these firecrackers that are confiscated by the police......where does it goes to? Your answer is as good as mine.....**devil grin**

When such incidents happening year in year out and the police have no means to stop and eradicate all these smuggling of firecrackers, why dont the gomen be SMARTER and I mean PLEASE BE SMARTER and legalise the burning of firecrackers in Malaysia. Let the importers bring in the firecrackers and impose a sales tax on it. Immediately you will solve the problem of illegal smuggling (although it will not be 100%) but at least lessen the activities. Secondly the country are guarantee with extra tax revenue on a yearly basis when Malaysia celebrate the Chinese Lunar Year. Isnt this a brilliant idea and yet the gomen have no interest to act on it. They can and will claimed that firecrackers are dangerous and create disasters like fire. Well isnt the rate of road accidents in Malaysia a disaster nowadays killing so many lives. Tell me which is more dangerous. Then why dont Malaysia ban the use of cars to avoid all these accidents??

Recently I watched a documentary that shows how China managed and control the burning of firecrackers during the celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year. Although it is legalise yet the Chinese gomen deploy their police force to ensure the burning of firecrackers are done in a safe manner and in a controlled environment. Malaysia, please learn from others. You dont need to send a group of good for nothing to China to emulate this. Just watch that documentary.

Lift the ban of firecrackers and Bee End should get the votes of the Chinese community in the next general election, trust me. Else your fallout will be even faster.

GONG XI FA CAI and long live the firecrackers.


Carboman said...

Ban cars also good coz we can bike to work. I know where the consficated crackers went - added firepower for all the gomen fireworks display or maybe they sell back to the blackmarketers after some settlement.

C-CUBE said...

Yes and this encourage corruption. dont tell me this is not happening.

Raymond said...

hahaha,well said !

cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

The stoopido garmen somehow likes to ban this & that, boycott this & that.
Propose Phua Chu Kang give them a lecture on how to...
"Use your blain! Use your blain!"