Friday, January 02, 2009

2009 Movies

There are quite a number of good movies currently running and I have yet to watch anyone of them. Must make sure I watch them, else have to go to the DVD store again !!!!

Cicak Man - Planet Hitam

Yes Man

Ip Man

But for 2009, I want to make it big in producing movies. And therefore I am holding talks with 4 individuals to obtain copyrights and hopefully make it big on the silver screen (besides selling Saucony shoes and Injinji socks) Watch out for Ccube Productions from AmpangWood !!!!

My 4 movies will be:

CARBOMAN ~ The Adventure
TOMOTAMAN ~ The Crazy Tomato Man
ULTRAMAN ~ Impossible is Null

WATERMAN ~ Paris Sojourner


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yahor, totally forgot abt him!!!