Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Top of the World

I was blessed with the most beautiful weather amongst all my climbs. Perfect condition for reaching the summit. The only thing is that its extremely windy and therefore bringing the temperature even lower and staying up at the peak was much colder.

Story coming later........

Besides a successful climb, one of the guides also taught me this very famous Kadazandusun song (while descending from summit to Laban Rata) which is about a woman crossing the Tamparuli bridge and losing her high-heeled shoes and going off to buy a new pair at the Wednesday market.

The first four lines go like this: Pak pak kangku doh/ summsui do jambatan/ jambatan do Tamparuli/ bakasut tinggi oku. The song is set to the catchy beat of the sumazau, a dance unique to the Kadazandusun.

Jambatan Tamparuli available at YouTube and the historical value behind it.


drizad said...

Congratulations C-CUBE on your trip to the summit of Borneo!

Hope you enjoy your trip up the mountain!

C-CUBE said...

drizad, yes i do enjoy the climb very much. every year is a different feeling for me.

Tey said... cinya blue...luck woh...! Can't wait to see u all pics..hehe

C-CUBE said...

yes the sky cinya blue and clear. i must said that my prayers are answered. even the guides told me that we are so so lucky to get such a good weather on that day when we ascend to summit (esp in Oct)

i didnt take too many pictures but just wait for all team members to snap picture kau kau lat at the plateau and summit. i just relax and laze around the area.

also made some new friends from abroad like Vietnam and Canada, etc. along the way and at the summit

and i learn a Kadazandusun song as well, very famous one. next time must sing along when going up summit!!!

Cheong said...


well done on another successful climb! ah beng told me he stayed back at laban rata to enjoy the scenery (or was it becos he wanted to climb only in "bad weather"....hehee).

C-CUBE said...

cheong, i guessed he just wanted to fully enjoy the fantastic weather that we had and only challenge himself in extreme bad weather up the summit. wat a weird trekker!!!