Monday, October 15, 2007

Malaysia, where is your Enforcement & Execution?

First was the bus systems that were compromised. Buses on the road without operating license as well as collecting summons and not paying it. Bus drivers are on drugs!!!!

Now is the ferry service pulak!!!! What happened in Mersing recently where the ferry caught fire and upon further checking, as usual no operating license, the pilot of the ferry is not registered. Blah,Blah,Blah......

What had happened all this while actually exposed a very poor administration, enforcement and execution of respective government agencies and departments to ensure all these operators are carrying out the services properly and with the utmost safety of the passengers in mind. Everything in Malaysia seems so SLACK.

And as usual, everything start to back paddle while the top man of the country feels very ANGRY and instruct to ensure all these are put on checks. What for doing that when the worst had already happened!!!!

I wonder what next will happen and cause the losses of lives again. Maybe it cud be our train out.

And we still wants to expose ourselves to space expedition. Izit Angkasawan or Angkasa-WANT!!! Do we do it with a purpose or just for the sake of doing it bcos we are first to do it than our neighbours. Maybe I dunno!!!

Malaysia, please clean up your own backyard before doing anything else.

I am a true MALAYSIAN but felt very shameful when all these basic fundamentals are put on a compromised impacting the credibility of the country.



CP Waterman said...

Absolutely deplorable to put mildly!
We are having quite a fair bit of "jokes" or blunders in Malaysia for the last few months making quite an unruly scene before international eyes.
* JB - a city of crime (my home town!sigh!)

* C4 explosive used on a girl by 2 personal bodyguards of our deputy prime minister. God knows what she had suffered before being shot twice in the head & blown up.

* Paid US 900 million for 18 Russian fighter jets that had cost other coutry much less.We don't know how much of it have gone as commission paid into private foreign accounts. However we did get a freebie to send a tourist up into space as part of the deal.

* Self financing Port klang free zone that cost 4.6 billion ringgit ended up to be paid by tax payers.

* AG report of abuse of public funds as though there was no procedural sysytem of control.

*500million ringgit submarine service contract awarded to "company" with little or no technical know how of submarine.

* The lingamgate

* 2000 genuinely concerned marching lawyers are termed crazy and classified as opposition party.

*and many more.....

* and don't forget the dog catching story.

We have indeed made ourselves a truly international laughing stock.Sigh!

Do I sound like I'm an opposition? I hope not, I honestly want Malaysia to be strong with all citizens of all races & religions united together to work toward the goal of becoming an advance nation. Aftr all I'm a bangsa Malaysia!

C-CUBE said...

Very well said for all, and i hv this strong feeling the deal that funded the Angkasa-WANT was the 18 Russian fighter jets that we bought!!!!

Wat next are we buying or shameful incidents that going to make Malaysia a laughing stock. The one that have not blown up are those taxi touts at KLCC that demand a high fare w/o using their meters. These are normally target at foreign visitors!!!!

Raymond said...

wow!political talk~!
Love it man!