Monday, October 01, 2007

Life is......

No competition in mind, no pressure to train, just run at the easiest pace and enjoy it thoroughly. Thats what going on with me right now. Just maintain fitness and try to get myself to run a bit faster at times. Hopefully this will get myself ready for some serious races when the running season comes back after the Hari Puasa month.

Anyway did just that on Saturday with Jamie, KNN, Tey, Phyllis, Kenny and G. We did a Double Hill while Kenny + G (will strike the right cord ~ Kenny G with his sax) opted for the 20k Hartamas route. It was cooling and fresh for me on the morning running, and so is KNN which is not struggling to keep to our pace anymore. Kudos to him for maintaining his fitness at the gym.

Completed the DH route at ease and had a water stop before heading off for another 5k run via Carcosa, then onto Deer Park and back to Bukit Aman carpark via the Islamic Museum (minus Planetarium) The route was measured with the Garmin 205 and the distance was 5.45k ending at the Bukit Aman carpark. Probably Ronnie PM1 will be interested to know the exact distance for his pia kau kau lat training. Maybe can also counter with the roda measurement service by Kenny!!!

Happy training to those going for International races in Xinjiapoh and ChiangMai, etc, etc.

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