Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mt Kinabalu (6-9 Oct 07) ~ Report

I guessed I dont need to write much about this trip anymore as the pictures that were posted said it all. Its definitely one of the most enjoyable climb for me. I must said that the team were really blessed with fantastic weather for the entire climb and even at the summit. Never before had I encountered such beautiful weather especially when its towards the end of the year. Even the guides told me that Mt Kinabalu never had such good weather during the Oct-Dec months. It shud be raining and misty at the summit!!!! So instead of a lengthy report, I would summarised it into the top 5 things of this climb.

Top 5 things about this climb.

1. Great team spirit
2. Wonderful mountain durians that we ate
3. Beautiful photos that everyone had taken
4. Fantastic weather
5. New friendships were born

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