Tuesday, October 02, 2007

If I am running a marathon

If I am running a marathon at the end of the year be it in Xinjiapoh, Chiangmai or other places, this will generally be my training regime. But since I wont be doing any this year, I will still draw out the training plan in case someone need to have some cross reference. My program may not be the best and or suit everyone, but I felt it is generally OK for most runners training for a 42k race. Consider a two month training regime with the earlier month being your base training. I assume one would have a solid one month base and able to run a 20k comfortably in whatever timing you are doing. The most important is you dont struggle at this distance with two months to race day. The next two months will be extremely crucial to condition your body to take on the distance, and therefore solid LSD shud be in place. This is to ensure your body get use to such distance and you are mentally prepare to go the distance. Otherwise the chances of hitting the wall is extremely high.

And here is how I would plan out the two months of training.

Week 1
Mon - Fri ~ total of 20k to 25k

Sat/Sun ~ the LSD shud be 25k

Week 2

Mon - Fri ~ total of 20k to 25k

Sat/Sun ~ the LSD shud be 28k (break the body resistance)

Week 3

Mon - Fri ~ total of 20k to 25k

Sat/Sun ~ back to a 25k (give your body some rest)

Week 4
Mon - Fri ~ total of 25k to 30k

Sat/Sun ~ Go for a 30k run ( this is the time you will find out if your body breaks)

Do this if you are planning for 2 x 30k runs in your training, else a 28k will be fine

Week 5

Mon - Fri ~ total of 20k to 25k
Sat/Sun ~ A 25k-28k will do (listen to your body)

Week 6

Mon - Fri ~ total of 25k to 30k
Sat/Sun ~ A 30k run

This will either be your 1st or 2nd 30k run in your training program

Week 7 and 8 (tapering week)

Mon - Fri ~ just workout your body. 15k to 20k total mileage will be fine

Sat/Sun ~ An easy 15k-20k run

Race Day

Who let the dogs out.
Its your day to finish the race.


lilian said...

Hi, Choi,

Gud of you to put this posting up as a timely reminder...am going for SIM and with schedule so busy hardly have time to start consistent running. Will print this up to REMIND myself otherwise sure suffer!

C-CUBE said...

I am glad you find this useful and start to put a little pressure and get the training started. anyway u r season enuf to pull thru with some solid training

CP Waterman said...

wah your program is so runner friendly with so low mileage.hehe

I would prefer to start out 12 weeks before the Marathon just to cover any unforseen hiccups that may hit us during the build up period like flu & cold & muscle injury etc etc. 8 weeks we may not have time to recover from such sickness or injury & blow the whole marathon race.

Enjoy your trip to der mountain!

C-CUBE said...

h20, u r rite. the prg is pretty runner friendly and a newbie will find it easy to cope with. my assumption is that one had at least 1 month of base training before this. so all in will be around 12 weeks.

CP Waterman said...

Aiyo I slipped & forgot you have same birth date as captain 4/10.
So, its better late than never to wish you many happy & blessed returns!


Chipmunkrock said...

aiyo i think i need to start afresh next year..should start training around in nov for KLIM. This year is such a write off year, am getting very very lazy! how's your KK trip?