Sunday, May 06, 2007

Tough comeback....a 25k run that didnt happened

Its was a tough comeback for me after almost 10 days being dormant (out for my China trip). The Sat morning run started at Lake Gardens (Bkt Aman carpark) with the usual buddies like Jamie, Tey, Wong, Geraldine and the MIA guy Bro Ben. My aim was to do a 25k this morning together with Wong to catchup with some mileage.

Jamie and Tey opted for a 10k run (making their turn back at Selangor Properties) and the rest of us continue to do the LG-Hartamas-LG route of 20k. I was running sluggishly after the 10 days break but trying hard to keep up with the pack. Reached Hartamas in 58mins and did a loop of abt 800m around the block at the back of the Petronas petrol kiosk. Stopped for water and continue our return leg back to LG. My body and legs were giving signals that I am tiring out so I just maintain a slow pace behind Wong while Geraldine and Ben were about 200m in front. That continued till we reached Bkt Aman carpark. Stopped for water and I am totally exhausted but told Wong that I want to do one lap around the lake (via Carcosa route) instead of 2 laps.

We set off slowly with the aim to finish the one lapper and at least that will give me 22.5k mileage for the LSD. As we run we spent most of the time talking about my China trip and that helps keep me away from thinking of the tireness. Soon we are back to the carpark and as we walk towards our car, I told Wong that I can probably push for another lap very slowly (which he agree too) but bcos of my tireness I believed I had made the right choice to call it a day and not get myself injure. There will always be another run that I will feel stronger and come out better as my training progresses towards the next 7 weeks in preparation for the Penang Marathon. I hope to peak at the right time cos this will be my last 42k race for 2007. The second half of the year will be for shorter races (10k and 21k) and probably focus on my speed.

Its always hard to make a comeback, but never giveup!!! More importantly take each run as a phase-in rather than rushing into it. Its better to gain back the momentum slowly than getting injured.

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