Saturday, May 19, 2007

A 27k that never intend to be

Picture - courtesy of Terence

Got a SMS from Wong sifu on Friday evening saying that he had to goto Melaka to work over the weekend and cant join me for the Saturday LSD. One down and because Geraldine and Jamie will be running on Sunday, that only left Bro Ben to be the running buddy. Anyway email had been sent out so will just see if he turn up for the run. Else I will run alone. At 11pm got a SMS from Bro Ben saying that he will join me for the run. Well thats good news, at least I dun have to run alone.

Woke up at about 4.30am in the morning to get ready. Have oats and soya milk for breakfast and after that left for Lake Gardens. When I reached the location noticed that there was a SMS from Bro Ben that read like this "Gum still pain....Have to ffk....You have fun la" Well there goes my running buddy.

Then Rashid turned up and asking where is everyone. Told him about the situation and he said he is doing the Hartamas 20k route and reserve for Sunday's NB15k. He wanted to run slow and asked me to go ahead with my run.

S0 with no one around, I started out alone and have in mind to run the Hartamas 20k route and reserve for tomorrow NB15k run. The morning was cooling so is pretty ideal to do a LSD. As I was approaching the Selangor Properties site, I told myself why not give the DoubleHill a shot today. And maybe follow by 2 laps at the lake if I still feel good.

Immediately I took a left turn after passing the Selangor Properties apartment into the DH route instead of heading straight towards Jalan Duta. The route was cooling, coupled with fresh air and well lighted, so it is not a problem to run this route even during the dawn.

Completed Lap 1 and 2 and water stop back at the Bukit Aman carpark. This route is definitely more refreshing, less traffic and less polluted as compare to the Hartamas route. Running the DH is very stressful for the legs because of the hills that one need to overcome, but it is definitely a good buildup of leg muscle and make it stronger. No regret making the decision today for switching the route.

After completing 2 laps of DH, I refueled at Bukit Aman carpark. My body and legs are feeling good and responding well today and therefore decided to run 2 more laps at the lake. This time I choose the Carcosa route and back down to the lake. The extra laps will help me condition my body and legs to stay longer on the road. In the meantime the Triumph4 is also supporting and responding well too for today's run.

Ended my run with satisfaction over my condition and again able to sustain another run which is almost 3hrs on the road. Today's LSD will roughly give me a mileage of 27k. My legs are now pretty sore and I wont know whether I can respond well in tomorrow NB15k. Else I will just take it as a recovery run and enjoy it.

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