Monday, May 21, 2007

New Balance 15K

The gun-off and still having a funny conversation with DK while running.
Tey was in front of us
and took this photo.

On the way up a slope, let's see who is behind my buntut and going to sayur me!!!

Zul, my running buddy and pacer for this race.

L-R: Cheong, Myself, Adam, Kevin and Justin

The Pacemakers Family photo

It was a good run for me especially after running 2 laps of DH in my Saturday LSD. So this will be the 3rd DH route for me in 2 consecutive mornings. Started of slowly and conservatively together with DK and Zul. And there are seas of runner in front of us. So no matter how fast we run, we will have this human obstacle to tackle.

Running comfortably throughout with DK and Zul, and as we passed the 1st water stop I was slightly ahead since I did not drink any. Up the slopes we go and this is where lotz of runners slow down or even walk. They have underestimate the toughness of these hills and now paying the price. Overtook quite a number of them and as both Zul and myself is out of the Kenny Hills area and onto the highway, we saw the 1st runner overtaking us.

Both Zul and myself are running together now with DK fallen behind, since he had decided to take it easy. As we took the turn into the next slope along Wisma Tani, one very well build guy called me. And by looking at him, I think he is Raymond Hee. Greeted him and yes it was him. First time meeting him and he was running strong up the slope overtaking me.

Once up the slope, its downhill now and we both increase the pace a little bit just to take advantage of the downforce gravity. And now we are into the 2nd loop that gives us the next 5k before finishing. At this juncture, I was asking Zul how is he feeling, and is there any sign of pain from his shin. His response was "I am ok", so we continue to pace each other. We have now increase our pace a little faster to catchup and potong sayur quite a big group of numbers who are always in front of us until the 13k mark.

I was feeling good and I pushed a little hard along the stretch at Wisma Tani and before turning into the junction heading towards the finishing line. By now Zul had fallen back a bit. He waved for me to go ahead and I respond to his gesture. I increase my pace after running right into the junction that will lead us to the National Monument and finishing at Padang Merbok. I continue to overtake quite a number of runners who have overtaken me earlier.

Soon I was turning into Padang Merbok and cross the line in 1.25.30. Was a satisfying run for me because it was 3 minutes faster than my last year timing. Glad I make it and in no time Zul also came in with an impressive timing of 1.26.xx even when carrying a shin injury. Take care and rest well, so that you will recover fast.

Till the next race......


Carboman said...

good run! i think 4:15 in PG shud be ok gua?

Raymond Hee said...

nice meeting u for the first time!gd luck in penang man!~

C-CUBE said...

carboman, very much depend on how good i feel on race day. will give it a shot.

raymond, good to meet you in person too. r u running in PG. if u r, then hope to see you there again.

NEZZ said...

Ccube : I agree about the DH. To know DH is to love DH!! Me likes.. :)

C-CUBE said...

nezz, yes DH route is a more peaceful place to run and also less polluted. I may do more runs on the DH route fr now on until those construction activities are gone fr Hartamas.

carboman, come to think of it 4:20 to 4:25 is a more realistic target for me. 4:15 is pushing the limit and I may KOYAK completely if I go after it. As I said, lets see how I feel on race day as the race progresses.