Sunday, May 06, 2007


In life, we are all WINNERS in one way or the other. Each and everyone of us will have something that we had done that we are really proud of ourselves. And to keep this going, I think the following statement is very important to achive something significant in life. And you can adopt this in your work life, training strategy or even in your next competitive race.

"Winners Don't Do Different Things, They Do Things Differently"


CP Waterman said...

How aptly spoken and timely for a lot of us to reshape our attitude, myself included.
Thanks man!

Anonymous said...

Ccube, I like blogs like this, from which I can draw inspiration. I guess I just "won" my personal battle yesterday, I covered 24 km for the first time and survived! Keep ur great postings so we newbies get more motivated to improve! :-)

C-CUBE said...

waterman, totally agreed with you and we have to put action over words.

haza, it is indeed great to hear that you are improving day by day, taking each additional KM that u ran with new motivation and inspiration, and to challenge your inner self. Keep it up and I believe you are training for the Penang 42k race, am i rite??