Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Inspiration Of Finishing A Marathon

Come what may, the finishing line of the 42k race is always there for you. Completing a marathon is no small feat, and something not all human in this world can do. So consider yourself as a big achiever if you have done it before and continue to strive to do even better. For all newbies running their maiden full marathon this coming June in are 42.195k closer to doing something very significant in life.

No matter what happen to you, crossing the finishing line of a 42k race will make you a totally different person from that day onwards. You would have put up a challenge for yourself that you thot you cannot do it, you would have push your body to the limit to cross the line, you would have increase your mental strength and have your mind taken over your body after the 30k marker, you would have put a test to your personal determination and human spirit, and many many more. Tell me how you feel after you complete the race on June 24, 2007. GOOD LUCK!!!!

And my sincere thanks to the person in the picture who had given me permission to use him as a motivator. I seeya in Penang too!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm more inspired to run! Kam siah, ccube! Nowadays I just cannot get the marathon out of my's tidur, makan, mandi marathon for me. He he! Obsessed!

C-CUBE said...

and I know you are running with a group of great motivators too in Klang...ppl like Capt Lim, Peter and Albert and the rest of the Klang kakis. highly motivated runners.