Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Two Double Zero Seven

No, this is not another James Bond movie, but 2007 had arrived to start the new year. Saying goodbye to 2006, cherished what I have done, thinking back of happy and sad moments, listing down all the new frens that I had made for the year and continue to aspire what I wanted to do which I didnt manage to do it last year.

I started my year end vacation pretty early, like 12 Dec till the end of the year. This was a solid 3 weeks that I have together with my family. No work, no business phone calls, nothing but just travelling together in our vacation in Vietnam and ChiangMai. Spending solid and valuable time with the family is my utmost priority although work is important too. But work will always be there ~ day in, day out, week in, week out, month in, month out and year in, year out. So it will always be there unless you QUIT work and retire!!!!! Luv to do that asap.

So coming to new year resolution ~ well I dont really have any but just ensure that I stay healthy, have quality time with my family and dont procastinate and get the job done!!!! As for my running mission in 2007, I also will not have any resolution but just get out there and enjoy the runs I sign up for. Runners Malaysia and Pacesetters site have the listing of this year running calender, but I have yet to list down those run that I will sign up. The only races that I am committed to right now is GE Pacesetters 30k on 21 Jan 2007 and KLIM 2007 42k on 18 March 2007. No timing pressure for me, so I will just run every races to my fullest ability.

And yes, I will try to broaden my scope in my part time business ~ selling more Saucony running shoes to my circle of frens within the running community. And with ASICS added into my stable, I should be able to offer a better variety of choices now. Wish me luck and hope to get ths support from all my running frens.


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Carboman said...

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C-CUBE said...

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