Friday, January 26, 2007

Thats the place I wanna be

Yes, that's the place I wanna be in my next vacation. I received this email yesterday from the Iceland Tourism Board, informing me that the new travel brochures is ready for ordering. And its FREE. Then I remembered I did register myself in their website last year while doing some research about ICELAND.

This place is beautiful and I cant wait to go there if I have the chance. Some FAQs that I found in the brochure that I downloaded.

How big is Iceland?
Its about the size of Kentucky (I dunno how big is Kentucky, but KFC yes lah). It has almost 300,000 people mostly live around the coastal areas.

Are daylight hours normal?
Well, for this part of the world, they are. In summer, you wont see much darkness. In mid-winter, expect of 4-5 hours a day of daylight. Spring and Fall daylight are very similar to North America.

So much about Iceland, and dream on. Well who knows one day I will be there....

An obviously, not to forget to lookout for a race if I am holidaying in Iceland.

Reykjavik Marathon
The Reykjavik Marathon is an annual event held on August 21, 2004. This international/annual event involves thousands of participants from Iceland and abroad. Marathon proper, half marathon, 6 miles (10 km) and fun run (4.3 miles). Contact: (+354) 568 - 5525, website e-mail


Raymond Hee said...

wow reykjavik! I've always admired scandinavian countries on its amazing landscapes.Heard iceland has the warmest winter in whole europe due to its location in the north atlantic ocean,hence the name ice-land not so appropriate laaa hehe
u really going?

C-CUBE said...

hope to be there, doing some research, planning and the cost will be a key factor cos there is not direct flight into Iceland. one either have to hop in via europe or the USA.