Sunday, January 07, 2007

A blazing start

What a start for our 1st LSD 20k (the normal Lake Garden-Hartamas route) for the new year. As usual the gang was on time for yesterday run. As I reaches the Bukit Aman carpark, I saw a Volvo station wagon pulling into the parking lot. This must be our MIA fren ~ Ben and true enuf he step out of the car. Geraldine, Pelle, Fook and Grace was all ready to go. We wished each other a Happy New Year, and Geraldine commented that it must be almost 6 months ago that he ran with Ben. That shows how long he has been missing in action. DK was supposed to join us but due to his work (till midnite on Friday and some technical hitches on Saturday morning as he prepared he come) he couldnt make it for the run. Wong Sifu sms'ed saying that he is having a fever coupled with his slight injury on his foot (due to a change in his running style) Maybe he is trying to see whether he can run on water!!!! Eugene is monitoring his house renovation and wouldnt be showing up too.

At about 6.10am, we decided he hit the tarmac and start our very first 20k LSD for the year. And as usual we have Geraldine as the hare leading the pack. Grace was with her setting the pace. One very funny thing about this group is that we have very good ladies pacer for the men to follow. I was following at the back, exchanging conversation with Pelle, Fook and Ben.

As we turned into the hills of Bukit Tunku, I was telling Pelle and Ben that we are running a faster pace this morning as compare to all our previous runs. Geraldine and Grace continued to press on, and the mens are tailgating behind with me at the end of the pack. We reaches the Jalan Duta flyover to cross over to the Government office complex, and when I look at my watch it is showing 35mins and change (our normal timing is about 38-40mins, that means we are about 3mins faster) We stayed closer as a group as we approaches the mosque and towards the Hartamas housing area.

Once we hit the Hartamas bungalow area, I increased my pace (overtook everyone) and give it a shot to do between 53-55mins when I reaches the Petronas station. Ben followed pushing very hard from the back and I can hear his breathing get closer and closer to me. This is definite a good push for both of us as we tackled the two hills of Hartamas. On the down hill, Ben overtook me and was ahead by 1 body length. We continued to push till we reaches Petronas station. My watch showed 55mins 46secs, and that was at least 5-8mins faster than our normal pace. I told Ben that was an incredible first half of the run. In about less than a minute later, we have Geraldine, Grace and Pelle reaching, with Fook taking it very easily.

Timing was stopped during the water stop.

We have our water stop and when everyone is ready, we begin our way back to Lake Garden. Geraldine was again the hare leading the pack. This time she have Pelle running with her. I was again at the end of the pack, recovering from the fast pace set earlier. The rest like Ben, Grace and Fook are running together. This continues when we reaches the Jalan Duta flyover and crossed over back into Bukit Tunku. We continue to run within a distance with Geraldine and Pelle probably about 50m in front. After taking on the hills on the way back, I decided to increase my pace again because it is all the way downhill now. Overtook Grace, Fook and Ben, and keeping a distance within sight of Geraldine and Pelle.

Continued to push hard as I turned into the route towards the old PM office and Bank Negara. The sight of the leading pack is getting closer and as I took on the last slope before reaching the Bukit Aman carpark, Geraldine and Pelle was just about 10m in front of me. Both of them reaches the carpark slightly ahead of me, and when I touches the entrace of the carpark my watch showed 57mins 05secs for the return lap ~ and therefore the total time taken for this run was 1:52.51 Well it was a real good run with a pace that we never attempt to do before.

Pelle comment was he need this kind of pacing and push to make him more competitive in future races. I believe if the group continue to train and run at such pace (maybe even faster as we condition ourselves) doing a sub2 in a 21k is not a big problem at all. Geraldine was taken by a bit of surpirse that everyone was pushing so hard today ~ eventhough it was just the first run of the year. Well to me, this is the beginning of my speed work ~ pushing my body harder to condition myself for better timing in future races. And let the speedworks begin......

Note: DK, I hope ur around to PIA with us yesterday.

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