Thursday, January 18, 2007


Today I was exchanging some messages over MSN with Lifemou and we suddenly went in the topic of CHARM. So we were challenging each other how charming we are, and my buddy was bragging that he is always charming enuf to attract chics to be with him in all his party popping hangouts.

So my question here is that "Is everybody charming?" Do we have an in-born charm to attract everyone to like us. Or people only find you charming after interacting with you for a longer period especially when they get to know you better. Do people find another person charming at first site? Is charm the 6th sense or the 7th sense of human. Or is charm all about hoodoo, black magic, etc

This is something that I wont be able to answer. Ask yourself the next time you see someone and you felt that this person is charming. Then ask yourself what makes you think this person is charming and what attracted you most to make you said that the person is charming.

Interesting or just a waste of time???


lifemou said...


NEZZ said...

i say "charming is the beauty from inside that turns to be the 'magic' to charm others.. it's natural!!" :)

C-CUBE said...

lifemou: charming buddy, wat say U!!!! dont just keep quite.

nezz: so it a natural force within. I wish I have that, hahaha!!!!