Tuesday, January 02, 2007


LannaThai was an ancient name for the 2nd biggest city in Thailand. Now it is known as Chiangmai, the famous town in the northern part of Thailand. Another 4 hours on road towards the north will take you to the border of Laos and Myanmar (previously known as Burma). And once you are there you can set foot at the Golden Triangle where the 3 countries met and the Mekong Delta flows through.

Chiangmai was the place where I spend my 1 week vacation after Christmas from 26-30 Dec 2006. (with my brother and sisters in laws). The climate was cooling and is ideal as a holiday spot. We touch down on 26 Dec, just about 12 days after a 5.1 earthquake hits the town and surrounding area. EarthQuake ~ yes, there was an earthquake that hit the area!!!!!

Visited the temples, Elephant Santuary (where elephants are breed and train), city tour, ChiangRai, The Golden Triangle, Mae Sai (Border to Myanmar) and Loas.

Some photos taken during the trip.

Doi Suthep temple, Chiangmai

Hilltribe children at the Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle site

The Golden Triangle border point between Thailand, Myanmar and Laos, Chiang Saen, Chiang Rai Province, Northern Thailand. View from the Wat Prathat Phu Kao Hill to the casino in Myanmar (left side Myanmar, right side Laos and straight on to the furthest point is China)

Casino in Myanmar along the Mekong Delta

Thailand-Myanmar border Immigration checkpoint

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