Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Congratulations to Nicol David for being 2nd time World Champion. I must admit she is the only Malaysian that have achieve such a feat for the past 5 to 10 years. No other sport personalties or team have done it before. This is what I called MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!, the rest of hoohah we made in the sports arena are just vaporware..... If I will to be the Sports Minister I will just build on this momentum and maximise our authority. Pump more money in developing the sports and grassroot, and please REWARD the best, and get all the rubbish out of the way. Dont try to be Jack Of All Trades, but try to be The MASTER of One. The rest like football, sepak takraw, hockey, etc can take a second seat (who cares) and be sideline because whatever amount of money (tax payers $$$) we pumped in, they show no commitment and positive results.

Nicol, "Thank you for not letting we MALAYSIANS down!!!!"


Raymond Hee said...

I so damn bloody agree with u!

C-CUBE said...

lets see how the MALAYSIA team perform in Doha this time round, i hope we dont make a fool of ourselves again esp with tax payers money. as the Australia article said, why build a sports stadium in London for our athletes to get use to the cold weather when the Olympics is held during the summer. Malaysia dont take part in the Winter Olympics, just amazing!!!!