Sunday, November 19, 2006

Miracle Soup - Herbal Life Extension Formula

This is a miracle soup formulated by Dr Tateishi Kazu, and especially meant to cure the world's biggest human enemy......... CANCER !!!!!

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Tey said...

Yup..this one me promote to many ppls liao...!!

Good for cancer patient,I boiled a lot of my sister in law during her treatment for breast cancer,everyday drink,help a lot ...!!

Even if no cancer,normal ppls encourage to drink it,can prevent a lot of sick.

jan khan said...

I am giving my daughter age 20 yrs old the soup as she has cervical cancer . If there is any more info
please help me to get her cured . Chemotherapy nearly killed her . Please give me info via : I need whatever help . Thank you Jan Khan

kava anxiety said...

The cure for cancer is already out there. Or maybe inside of us.