Thursday, November 30, 2006

Testing time

Tomorrow, another major sport event (can be consider the biggest in Asia) will commence, and yes that is the Asian Games 2006 in Doha. And yet Malaysia had sent a contingent there to participate, and with the hope of doing well. And I must remind - how many times can we hope to do well, year-in-year out and in any international events. The standards of Malaysian sports are falling behind, lack of commitment and dedication by the sports fraternity.

I believe we probably have spent millions of ringgit from taxpayers to train these group of athletes up, and wanting them to be medal prospects. For these athletes, they have to perform and deliver and not hope for the best. In such high pressure competition, you cannot hope for the best to come. Either you are there or not there. I am just an amateur long distance runner, and yet I cannot hope for the best when running a race. I know I must train to a level where I am confident to achieve certain level of standards.

At the end of the day, the results will speak for themselves. These Doha bound athelets have to deliver and tell us if the money spent on them had gone to waste. (And this is not the first time, look at how pathetic our football and hockey team, soon will be the sepak takraw team)

And having said that, when the Games end on Dec 15, MALAYSIA shud achieve what we have set for, and not make execuses of not delivering again. If we dont get the results, then we should rethink of spending more money on those crumps and losers.

MALYSIA BOLEH or MALAYSIA TAK BOLEH.....Let the Games begin.

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