Tuesday, November 07, 2006


While driving to work this morning, and as usual I will turn on the radio and listen to my favorite station MIX FM hosted by Richard, Shazmin and Ika (the ThreeSomes) It was a normal morning for me until the three of them started a topic on SPG. They will talking and talking about SPG which i totally have no idea about it until Shazmin spelt it out in full.

SPG - Sarong Party Girl

Something that I am not familiar and is alien to me. Maybe you know who these sarong party girls are, but definitely not me. And with this topic, I definitely learnt something new. Sarong Party Girl are general refer to a local Asian woman (Chinese, Indian, Malay,etc) who dress extraordinarily and behave in a provocative manner to attract, and exclusively goes after or date Caucasian men. They consider the Caucasians much superior to their local counterparts.

On searching Wikipedia, it was also mentioned that the term SPG is heavily used in Singapore and less frequent in Malaysia. Ar-so-neh, no wonder I hardly hear this term being used. But now I know what is SPG. Come to think of it, I do encountered or see with my own eyes in certain occasions especially in malls, water joints, posh hotels, etc - these ladies which are with the caucasians behave one kind, as if they are the only one that can date a Mat Salleh and no one else in the world. They try to look elegant but actually overdoing it. Some even speaaak with some accent and when the conversation starts, you know they are trying to imitate the slant. Actually their Engrish are like us one!!!!

I think their motive is to leech with all the expat Mat Sallehs, and hopefully try to live lavishly with them. Follow them all over the places, irregradless of whether is for work or for pleasure.
Well so much about them.....

Do you know where are all the Sarong Party Girls in KL !!!!


pm19 said...

CCube- interesting post. You wanna know where they are? Just go to Beach Club or Thai Club (just across the road of Beach Club) and you'll see plenty of them. Those are the real trashy ones. You want "classier", "poser" ones? Just go to Jalan Telawi, Bangsar for morning brunch at a rather famous eatery.

I've also found that with the hoo-haa of conversion nowadays, that issue is completely thrown out the window when it involves the Mat Sallehs. Hypocrites!

C-CUBE said...

pm19: hahaha, i wud think so especially in jln telawi, bangsar. not surprising