Monday, November 20, 2006

Beep, Beep !!!!!

Yes, its the Ipoh RoadRunners KRI X-country 12k run that I attended yesterday.

Reached the race site early at about 6.30am and there are lots of race marshall along the road that guided the cars to a designated parking area. Ample parking spaces for all the participants. SMS'ed DK to find his whereabouts to pick up the Saucony sample vest from him, but got no response. Decided to walk towards the starting point (near SunCity Lost World Theme Park) of the race site. As I was walking bumped into DK, with Tey, and the Klang gang ie Lee, Peter and Albert. Got the vest from DK and went back to my car to leave it inside. As I was walking back towards the race site, I managed to catch up with Lee and DK. All the sponsors tent were coming up just be to ready and in time for the finishing. Also met Tony of the Penguins, and had a chit-chat with him. Asked him did KC came for the race, answer was NO. Tony was commenting that KC should be here to take pictures of all the Ipoh leng luis, summore all fair-fair one, not like in KL one very dark and tanned!!!!!

At about 10mins to 7.30am, all runners started to gather at the starting line to be ready for the dash. I was with Lee, DK, Albert and Peter. Lee was asking DK to pia kau-kau lat again. The airhorn sounded and that signals the start of the race. Out we went and ran around the SunCity housing area where it comprises of bungalows and semi-dees. The air was cooling and fresh. As I was following the pack with DK and Albert, Lee was about 30m ahead by now. There is no sight of Peter, and he must have dash of way ahead. Bumped in Wan and say "Hi and Good Morning" to him and went ahead. I took off once I reached the entrance to the hill area where we were running on sandy and untar terrain. As I took the corner, I saw a huge slope or uphill right in front of me. And this is whatz in it for all the runners.

Holy mountain, everyone have to take on this uphill to reach the top. As I had chosen to wear a pair of all-terrain shoe, I have all the grip in the world to take me up the slope. As I ran up slowly, there a lotz of people who have started walking and blocking the way. I have to run almost in zig-zag formation to overtake and avoid knocking on them. As I ran further up, I saw Tey standing by the side taking photos. Heard him calling me and I waved back at him while he snap a photo of me climbing up the hill. I have to walk at the three quarter mark since the way were blocked by all who slowed down and started walking. Managed to catch a breathe here .

After the uphill which I think was easily at least 1km, I reaches the top of the hill and after that it was downhill all the way. I was fortunate enuf to be wearing the all-terrain shoe and the grip going downhill give me more confidence in running faster. I was overtaking at least 50-60 people along this route and finally we reached the flat towards the end of the mountain on the outside of where we started. Reached the village area and onto the normal tar road again. Now my all-terrain shoe felt a bit hard hitting the tarmac. But I continued to run at a pace which I was very comfortable and potong sayur all the way to the finishing line.

Reached the finishing line, crossing it in a time of 1:10:58. And there was Tey, snapping another picture of me at the finishing. Tey, thank you very much for taking the trouble to take our pictures in this race. After the race collected all the goodies, drinks, stay on for a while before making my move back to my mother's house.

It was indeed a good and fun race, and KRI actually have put up a good show in organising this race. Later in the day, I actually sent an SMS to Mr Chong - The President of KRI for a job well done. He was the one that help me in my last minute registration and confirm everything for me. I told him I did not regret making a last minute decision to join the race. Will be back next year.

Beep, Beep !!!!

Pictures courtesy from RunWitMe and Tey ET


Carboman said...

holy cow! what if got landslide in view of the rainy season? what shoe did you wear?

C-CUBE said...

just like F1 when it had a slight rain, wat tyres you choose ~ wet or dry. lucky i choose to wear a pair of all-terrain shoe, on uphill i got good grip running/walking up and on downhill I potong sayur like nobody business easily 50-60 ppl and only on the flat road, the shoe feels a bit hard, but still continue potong sayur till finishing line. FYI PM1 racer koyak kau2 lat!!!!

Dinesh said...

The trail was not that bad despite rain the previous night. The muddy patches seemed more sticky rather than slippery. I don't recall potong sayur that many ppl downhill hehe.. but I think 30 or so got lah.

lifemou said...

wah lau..Eepou come got ipo-leng-lui run nvr ask me???

C-CUBE said...

taiping kia, u bz bizman nowadays, where got time for all these runs

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